Coat Dress

Coat Dress by Cecille

Another daily outfit – This is a beautiful Moschino coat which can (almost) be worn as a dress – yes, I did. I wore it once to an event at Lincoln Center and kept it on throughout. In the daytime look below, I added a kerchief for a dash of spice and a green Marc Jacobs boots, and all time favorite. If I’m not mistaken they were made for one of his shows but never sold in the stores and I got my lovely little paws on them courtesy of my sweet friend Jesse. So if you’re got a coat which is not obtrusive and comfortable enough to sit through an event, you may consider not checking it in. DSC_3757

DSC_3711Photo takenbyCecille

Suit’s Up

Suit’s Up by Cecille

I threw this outfit together adhering to my ‘dressing on a fistful of $$$’s requirement. The foundation of the story is to harmonize clothes using inexpensive garments purchased at vintage or thrift shops. Garments can be mixed and matched with designers, known or not known store brands or style the outfits entirely from the thrift shop. The Suit’s Up story presented itself to me when I almost passed on the Max Mara jacket below.

DSC_3591 I did some serious contemplation (which is kind of ridiculous) seeing how inexpensive the jacket was – at $12.00 it was a ‘give away’ – wanted to be sure I would not be doing repeats. And what do you know? I did not have a cropped jacket with extra large buttons. Also the jacket is low cut with one large button fastening the front panels which is kind of unusual for a day jacket. I decided to add some punch to the outfit by utilizing bright colours and patterns.-The Max Mara jacket was matched with a classic black Dolce and Gabbana cigarette skirt, but instead of featuring the ‘original’ side I turned the skirt inside out.  The skirt is beautifully made so there is no impedance to wearing it in this manner also the label is discreetly placed. As you all know, the skirt does not have to be a designer, it so happened the D&G skirt was the only one in my closet I could get away with reversing and not look totally off my rockers (as if it would matter).DSC_3567The second added punch came in the form of red tights plus my favorite patent leather pumps which are olive green by Gucci (I have a thing for green shoes). Bracelets from street vendors in India and an umbrella gifted to me by my dear friend, Barbara Neumann. And there we have version #1.and even though there is animal print, red tights, green patent shoes and assorted bracelets, the outfit does not appear busy. Everything flows like flowers in nature. There are a trillion different way to assemble this outfit so I will keep revisiting Suit’s Up.DSC_3588Photo:takenbyCecille


A Song Sung – Dinner With Bowie

A Song Sung — Dinner with Bowie by Cecille

One evening, years ago, a friend took me to dinner at a sprawling Chinese restaurant in London.There were at least 12 people or thereabouts sitting at a long table when we arrived.  My friend and I sat with our backs against the wall center at the table. Not long after, a tall slender stunningly handsome man glided into the room, he was accompanied by a woman. She sat down at the end of the table while he continued walking toward my friend and I. Upon reaching us, my friend scooted over so the gentleman sat in the middle with each of us either side of him. ‘Him’ being David Bowie. David-Bowie-GQ_11Jan16_rex_bt_408x408He was charming, innately elegant, unpretentious and funny.

A little later, I said to him, “Is that your friend sitting at the end of the table?” he replied, ‘yes.’ I said, “You’re rude, you didn’t introduced her to anyone at the table.” He tilted his head, chuckled and muttered something along the line of, ‘wow…where did you find her?’ My friend laughingly said, I know, she’s great & crazy right?” Later he invited us to a party.

As soon as he left my friend whispered, “he’s always trying to steal my girlfriends and anyway I don’t want to go, they’ll be doing things I don’t feel like doing.” In retrospect I’ve thought why hadn’t I insisted we go? And the answer was, it was exactly the way it was.  A song sung with lingering harmony.

And always ‘out of the blue’—there he was singing a specific song at remarkable times in one’s life. Rock on elegant gentleman.

Demure and Ladylike Coat With Peter Pan Mink Collar

Demure and Ladylike Coat With Peter Pan Mink Collar

As I move forward with my recyclable chic, daily post and dressing well for a fistful of $$$’s, I pulled out this 60’s vintage coat with Mink collar. I  was drawn to the style of the coat even though I am not into mink.

IMG_1665 I usually don’t purchase overtly looking retro pieces because I prefer not to ‘date’ the clothes. One great bonus about  vintage is that it is recyclable, meaning old is always new. So you can be ‘bang on’ current or a far reaching trend setter. IMG_1666

This style is very demure and ladylike. So you get to showcase (one) of your thirty different personalities.This is the main reasons I love vintage/recyclable chic –  it allows you to take on very different characters. It’s quite fascinating, you adapt naturally to the characteristic traits of the garment you are wearing.  OH! another thing, the price was reasonably inexpensive – $30. Not bad.

DKYN red panty hose – Michel Perry Black Pumps.


My Favorite Beauty Tool Is From…A Art Store

My Favorite Eyebrow Pencil Is From A Art Supply Store by Cecille

Hi Guys, I made a very short video about my favorite special beauty tool and finally decided to share it with you. This pencil is awesome, works like a dream and cost a fraction of the price you pay in a Department Store or Beauty Supply Shop and it has a long, long life span. It’s a STAEDTLER MARS LUMOGRAPH PENCIL – Feedback appreciated if you decide to experiment.

Some Old Habits Die Hard And Thank Goodness

Some Old Habits Die Hard And Thank Goodness — by Cecille

Some old habits die hard and Thank Goodness.  When we were kids growing up in Jamaica, every morning my siblings and I had to ‘line-up’ to take our medicines which our father gleefully doled out. The concoction consisted of Raw Cod Liver Oil, Scott’s Emulsion, Ferrol Tonic, and another mixture made with Eucalyptus Oil which we detested.IMG_0180One hand clenched into a fist behind our backs held the measurement of a tea spoon of sugar, you guessed it, to help the medicine go down. This ritual went on till we were around eleven and then we were released from agony. But what do you know? All those smelly things in bottle that we had to take left an indelible mark on me. I’m drawn to herbal teas and home remedies and I get a kick out of coming up with concoctions which works well for me. I’m certain a lot of those old fashion remedies played a role and still does in maintaining my health and beauty routine.

There was a poem I loved reciting as a kid about a doctor and I still remember it, because I remember my doctor vividly to this day, his office, the pictures on his desk, Dr. Victor Sutherland. He was very kind to me. Kindness goes a long way. If you’ve got a three/six year old child who loves poem, or doesn’t know they do, try this. Chances are they will like it.

The Doctor – Anonymous

He comes with mother up the stair,

And by my bed he takes a chair,

And says in such a twinkly way,

‘And how’s the invalid to-day?

He sees my tongue, he sees my throat;

He has a thing inside his coat

With which he listens at my chest;

And that is what I like the best.

He often makes me stay in bed,

When I would rather play instead,

And gives me horrid things to take,

In bottles that you have to shake.

And yet I really never mind,

Because he is so very kind.

Photo: takenbyCecille

No Rules In Fashion Except To Look And Feel Marvelous Under Your Own Tutelage.

There No Rules In Fashion Except To Look And Feel Marvelous Under Your Own Tutelage by Cecille

I found this wall plaque in the market in ‪#‎NewDelhi‬ and wear it as a necklace whenever the mood strikes – there are no rules in fashion except to look and feel marvelous under your own tutelage. The Entire outfit is around $15 or thereabouts apart from the jazz Capezio Gold HeelsIMG_1474 DSC_2978AGAINFRPhotos:takenbyCecille

A Red Shawl As The Perfect Holiday Gift

A Perfect Red Shawl  by Cecille

This red shawl as the perfect holiday gift turned out to be the most considerate and extra special present from a generous friend. A lovely and extremely versatile soft shawl made of cashmere. The colours are perfect shades of red – both. DSC_2178

This is an extremely flexible piece of clothing which also serves as a throw for sofas, bed or on long trips via plane and boats and  trains (reminded me of the Dionne Warrwick/Burt Bacharach song of the same name) which I think I’m gonna post. The ‘ruby’ bracelets I picked up in Rajasthan, India.The red and orange rings I found at Marc Jacob’s Bleecker Street shop for $1.00 each, and the gold hoop earring I picked up in Bombay, India. I’m also adding a picture of few slices of beets beets I took recently. IMG_0605The colour is outrageous. Nature is in everything. Beautiful.

Photos: takenbyCecille

The Trick To Drinking The Essential Amount of Water…Daily

The Trick To Drinking The Essential Amount of  Water…Daily by Cecille

The trick to drinking the essential amount of water daily is to have water within arms reach. By that I mean have water in your bedroom 24/7 and in the fridge. Prior to purchasing glass water bottles from One Kings Lane, I bought bottled water from the store but once I decided I wanted absolutely nothing to do with the contamination of the landscape and ocean, plastic bottles were out of the question. After I purchased my bottles from One King’s Lane I was set. 2015-08-18 16.47.57

I consume  the majority of my water between the hours of 7pm to midnight. Luckily I am not prone to run back and forth to the bathroom.  I noticed that ifI did not have water in my room at some point I was compelled to go to the kitchen and fetch a bottle hence the availability of water in my room at all times. Add limes if so desire.IMG_7191 I’m positive water contributes to having very moist succulent clean skin. Remember water is a vital health and beauty aid, so water your body daily.DSC_2556All the bottles are from the online shop One Kings Lane except the milk bottle which I picked up in the Farmer’s Market.

Photos: takenbyceille


Golden Evening Outfit

Golden Evening Outfit (Daily Outfit For A Fistful Of $$$’s) by Cecille

As you may know or not, I’m posting a photo a day – under the banner, ‘Daily Outfit For A Fistful of $$$’s’. As I mentioned in the previous post, you can look absolutely gorgeous  for not much money. Of course we can’t have you looking cheap of tacky. That is a big NO, NO. Not allowed. So I’m basically going to show you how’s it done. When I decided to launch this project I made it a point of duty to go the the Salvation Army and other vintage stores in my neighborhood at least three to four times a week. DSC_2437Once I started the ‘quest.’ I had a lot of patience and really pushed the envelope in regards to the price point. I focused on getting the lowest pieces possible. It was also super important that all clothes and accessory be in tip top condition. No holes, no stains etc. If you feel that you don’t have a great eye, this method will help you to develop your visual sense (also really ‘seeing’ nature’s beauty, art, museums etc). Just don’t be in a rush or anxious, or it will be a disaster. Trust that you will find a treasure at least once a week. DSC_2504Main tip is to buy items you find beautiful and which works for your body type, personality, colour,  fit, and style.The gold skirt was a vintage find at vintage shop fir $6.00 in Harlem. The thin golden belt was $1.00 also the from the Salvation Army. How elegant is it? Beautifully made and the tone is rich golden. The sparkly top also vintage for $10-15. Cream bracelets I bought from a street vendor in India. The bag was a gift, the designer is Jame Bolinger. The green metallic Gucci heels, I picked up in Florence in 2001 Fifteen years and still in excellent condition. Basically it’s all about mixing high and low together. Good quality and design is key…always…not the price

DSC_2459DSC_2530Photos; takenbyCecille.