Not Allowed to Vote At West 97 Street

I have not been on line for a while. Much studying and working and trying to juggle it all with not enough time in the day but I did find time to go vote and my experience was a pretty shady when I went to vote at my usual voting location at W96 between West End Ave and Riverside Drive. I was told that I could NOT vote – to go instead to 102 Street and B’way. I was pressed for time and would not be able to make it to 102 Street and my appointment. All the machines were empty. Totally true. I wanted to know why they had ‘switched’ things up after all these years. They said to prevent overcrowding, which was nonsense as that location is always efficient. Those guys have it down to a science. Barely 10 people in the space including workers. I refused to leave till I voted and they finally relented and gave me an absentee ballot to fill in. Doubtful it was ever counted. Truly very strange as I have voted at that same location for many years and never had such a dodgey encounter. Go figure… Methinks someone was not playing by the straight and narrow and most likely did not want #Bernie Sander to have a fair shot.

How I Cured Lumps In My Breast

How I Cured Lumps in My Breast by Cecille

I never have to wear a bra because I have a density of tissues which causes my breast to remain upright but there is a ‘downside’ to this ‘seeming advantage,’ which is, it’s harder to to detect if there’s something awry. IMG_0313 In my case I discovered a lump and immediately dashed off to the doctor with my heart in my mouth only to be told that not only did I have 1 lump but several, which required getting tested 3 times a year. Always I had to have a sonogram because there was something suspicious in the cells every time but luckily, always benign. Then one day I decided, enough! And took matters into my hands, sat down at the computer and did a search on #Flaxseed Oil. Don’t ask me why? But obviously something had triggered this ‘hunch’ – after looking through ‘hundreds’ of articles, I came across one which resonated within. I determined to treat myself the way one would administer #antidepressants, which is to do so for 5 weeks at which time the effect would be apparent. Well, what do you know, after 5 weeks all my lumps appeared to have vanished. DSC_4874Upon visiting my doctor, the first thing she said while examining me was, “what have you been taking?” I told her and she confirmed that all the lumps had vanished. Now instead of 3 visits a year, I go once a year and all because I followed a hunch and under my own steam found something which worked whereas the doctors were unable to do so. It’s been 13 years since I first bought the #VitaminShoppe brand of Flexseed Oil capsule. I’ve tried others which I’m sure works well, but I know for a fact the Vitamin Shoppe is boss because they totally eradicated the lumps in my breast. I still have density of tissues and I don’t need to wear a bra unless an an accessory but touch wood, I’m healthy and feel marvelous. And if you ever want to donate to a cause which touches us all, give to the American Breast Cancer Society. These guys are #awesome#good# ……. #womenshealth

Blouse: Alberta Ferretti    PhotobyCecille

Indian Wells Still Racist and Misogynistic Minded

Serena Williams should never have played at that awful Indian Wells after how the adults treated her and her sister years ago. It was horrifying to watch. I would have totally crumbled but she held it together with such dignity and grace while they were taunting her and calling her nigger. We all know that she is not sewed together by hate and fear but by courage, talent and tenacity. She does not have to go back to that hellhole filled with racist, misogynistic small minded morons to show that she has forgiven them, and its water under the bridge. Why the hell should she? Her actions and history making career has proven over and over that she forgave them a long, long time ago.  I guess the ‘good thing’ is that we have seen that ‘they’ have not evolved after a decade as demonstrated by CEO Raymond Moore’s bigoted and mean spirited commentary. Serena you are my hero. Call me for advise whenever you are in a quandary. I’m always here for you

Secret To Minimalist Packing…Perfect Jacket

I am a minimalist when it comes to packing. I never check my luggage at airports. Cannot stand to do so. One carry-on bag is my mantra even when traveling for lengthy stays. I still feel as if I don’t have packing down to a science after all these years because there are always two or three items not used. Obviously this not a deal breaker because I always end up with one take-on bag no matter what.

One of the secret I’ve discovered to minimalist packing is identifying essential pieces which eliminate excess baggage and injects flavor. On this trip, the Y-3 Jacket was the fundamental shining star which pulled all the outfits together. Below are a couple of variation utilizing the Y-3 jacket.

There is something substantial about this geometric Agnes B top which is sharp, modern and classic. I found myself wearing the top for a couple of days, just switch under-layers, accessories and shoes each time. The layer underneath the Agnes B was a long-sleeve black tee. A colourful handkerchief was tied around neck to prevent chilly breeze from infiltrating inner body. Slender red cashmere scarf injects a splash of bold colour. Topping off the outfit is the ‘vital’ Gothic/modern Y-3 jacket which adds restrain and flair all the while packing a timely punch. The Jacqueline Lamont tartan cap plus white bracelets are icing.

IMG_1745IMG_1868IMG_1875Another day, another variation. Brooks Brothers boy button down white shirt. Royal blue balaclava wool hat plus blue and white handkerchief.



IMG_1045Another night, another variation. Black turtle neck, black V-Neck cashmere sweater, white button down shirt, vintage black and white heels.


IMG_0971 IMG_0972Top: Agnes B – Cap: Jacqueline Lamont – Handkerchief: Vivianne Westwood – Jacket: Y-3- Jeans: Forever 21- Boots: Sigerson Morrison – Sunglasses:Dolce & Gabbana – Bag:Marimekko – Leather Hockey Weekender:M0851

Keeping Aging Far Away By Using The Chinese Herbalist

Keeping Aging Far Away By Using The Chinese Herbalist

I rolled out of bed one morning with an insidious pain in my upper arm. I tossed it off as a sprain  I had gotten sleeping in an awkward position. Went to the cupboard reached for a bottle of Tiger balm and rubbed the heat inducing ointment to see if I could get the muscle to relinquish its grip to no avail. Somehow the low grade pain became a normality until the following Thanksgiving came around and the celebratory day of gratitude jolted within my consciousness that I had acquired the prevailing pain the previous Thanksgiving.

Something had to be done and quick! What to do? See my acupuncture, Dr. Frank at 4 Bowery in Chinatown at Lin Sisters. IMG_4565I made an appointment and went in. I had gotten overwhelmed with life and had neglected to maintain some tried and true methods which works for mainlining my body and mind. My first request was for my batch of detox tea.  After inquiring about the ‘arm problem,’ needles were stuck into my flesh and laser lights positioned on the area of discomfort, the doctor walked out of the room and left me to my thoughts. Upon returning he removed the needles, massaged the area and sent me on my way. Needless to say, the pain never returned.

For decades I made it a  point of duty to see a Chinese herbalist in NYC and also when I lived in Los Angeles. A couple of times  a year I went in for a checkup and requested a cleansing tea and left with batch on Detox tea which resembled the portion ( I imagined) the witches in Shakespeare’s Macbeth brewed under a dark ominous sky when Macbeth came calling; but my herbs were no Eye of Newt, Toe of frog, Wool of bat and Tongue of dog. Instead my package contained twigs, barks of trees, berries, dried petals, herbs, mushrooms and God knows what else. But whatever the tea consisted of, it worked marvelously.

traditional-chinese-herbal-medicine-selection-round-wooden-bowl-over-hessian-background-30244676 imagesThe concoction had to be boiled for hours on an extremely low flame in a special earthen pot. The pungent smell lingered in my apt and the liquid resembled thick dark earth but drank it I did for the prescribed 3 days or 5 days.

Whichever friend saw me after my ‘treatment’ always wanted to know what health spa I had been to. Their facial expression was priceless after I convinced them the results were cups of Chinese herbal tea. As you can deduct from the previous sentences, my outward appearance was unequivocally radiant.IMG_9901IMG_4572

I’m certain this method has been instrumental in maintaining a healthy glow inside and out of my body. It has contributed to knocking  years off my physical body. Hence my yearly visits. Recently I went in to Lin Sister for a batch of tea and was given tea packages  instead of my berries, barks, bush, twigs etc. IMG_4574 Yes. Sad but true. Now that this method is ‘mainstream’  the currant customers  aren’t into boiling the tea products for hours nor putting up with smelly apartments and the strong and lingering tea taste. It’s been watered down – more palpable for current customers.

Part of the magic of partaking of these rites is actually getting involved in the process. Like an Alchemist, obviously you can’t grow or collect the tea but you can find the time to prepare the tea for consumption. After all you are worth it? Right? Therein lies the magic. Time for self.




Suit’s Up

Suit’s Up by Cecille

I threw this outfit together adhering to my ‘dressing on a fistful of $$$’s requirement. The foundation of the story is to harmonize clothes using inexpensive garments purchased at vintage or thrift shops. Garments can be mixed and matched with designers, known or not known store brands or style the outfits entirely from the thrift shop. The Suit’s Up story presented itself to me when I almost passed on the Max Mara jacket below.

DSC_3591 I did some serious contemplation (which is kind of ridiculous) seeing how inexpensive the jacket was – at $12.00 it was a ‘give away’ – wanted to be sure I would not be doing repeats. And what do you know? I did not have a cropped jacket with extra large buttons. Also the jacket is low cut with one large button fastening the front panels which is kind of unusual for a day jacket. I decided to add some punch to the outfit by utilizing bright colours and patterns.-The Max Mara jacket was matched with a classic black Dolce and Gabbana cigarette skirt, but instead of featuring the ‘original’ side I turned the skirt inside out.  The skirt is beautifully made so there is no impedance to wearing it in this manner also the label is discreetly placed. As you all know, the skirt does not have to be a designer, it so happened the D&G skirt was the only one in my closet I could get away with reversing and not look totally off my rockers (as if it would matter).DSC_3567The second added punch came in the form of red tights plus my favorite patent leather pumps which are olive green by Gucci (I have a thing for green shoes). Bracelets from street vendors in India and an umbrella gifted to me by my dear friend, Barbara Neumann. And there we have version #1.and even though there is animal print, red tights, green patent shoes and assorted bracelets, the outfit does not appear busy. Everything flows like flowers in nature. There are a trillion different way to assemble this outfit so I will keep revisiting Suit’s Up.DSC_3588Photo:takenbyCecille


A Song Sung – Dinner With Bowie

A Song Sung — Dinner with Bowie by Cecille

One evening, years ago, a friend took me to dinner at a sprawling Chinese restaurant in London.There were at least 12 people or thereabouts sitting at a long table when we arrived.  My friend and I sat with our backs against the wall center at the table. Not long after, a tall slender stunningly handsome man glided into the room, he was accompanied by a woman. She sat down at the end of the table while he continued walking toward my friend and I. Upon reaching us, my friend scooted over so the gentleman sat in the middle with each of us either side of him. ‘Him’ being David Bowie. David-Bowie-GQ_11Jan16_rex_bt_408x408He was charming, innately elegant, unpretentious and funny.

A little later, I said to him, “Is that your friend sitting at the end of the table?” he replied, ‘yes.’ I said, “You’re rude, you didn’t introduced her to anyone at the table.” He tilted his head, chuckled and muttered something along the line of, ‘wow…where did you find her?’ My friend laughingly said, I know, she’s great & crazy right?” Later he invited us to a party.

As soon as he left my friend whispered, “he’s always trying to steal my girlfriends and anyway I don’t want to go, they’ll be doing things I don’t feel like doing.” In retrospect I’ve thought why hadn’t I insisted we go? And the answer was, it was exactly the way it was.  A song sung with lingering harmony.

And always ‘out of the blue’—there he was singing a specific song at remarkable times in one’s life. Rock on elegant gentleman.