A Book Of Prodigious Talent -A Brief History of Seven Killings

A Book Of Prodigious Talent -A Brief History of Seven Killings

The New York Times wrote: “It’s like a Tarantino remake of The Harder They Come but with a soundtrack by Bob Marley and a script by Oliver Stone and William Faulkner.”

The Times is talking about the just released Man Booker list - it iinclude the first Jamaican writer to be nominated for the Man Booker prize. Marlon James is longlisted for A Brief History of Seven Killings, which tells the story of the attempted assassination of Bob Marley and also the wider story of Jamaica in the 1970s and early 80s when guns flooded in and violence exploded. I love history so this will be a fascinating read, also to see who ordered the barrage of guns on the island.

On 3 December 1976, just weeks before the general election and two days before Bob Marley was to play the Smile Jamaica concert to ease political tensions, seven men from West Kingston stormed his house with machine guns. Marley survived and went on to perform at the free concert. But the next day he left the country and didn’t return for two years.

Inspired by this near-mythic event, A Brief History of Seven Killings takes the form of an imagined oral biography, told by ghosts, witnesses, killers, members of parliament, drug dealers, conmen, beauty queens, FBI and CIA agents, reporters, journalists, and even Keith Richards’ drug dealer. The story traverses strange landscapes and shady characters, as motivations are examined – and questions asked.


Conversation Between A Lovestruck Girl And Her Adviser

Conversation Between A Lovestruck Girl And Her Adviser by Cecille Swayneson

Marine-  This is taurus Marnie we werer talking on a sofa here in Florence! Help me with my capricorn :)

Angella - Hola Marnie, we will get you your CApricorn. On my way to NYC tomorrow but I’ll send “advice stuff” and we’ll talk soon. Hugs

Angela – Hola!! I just arrived in NYC not too long ago. I ended up spending the night in a tiny town outside of Frankfurt.The airplane was late from Florence so I missed my connecting flight to NYC. It’s hot in NYC, sweating like crazy. YES, it was wonderful meeting you, very cool chick. YOu are so articulate and have an amazing understanding of yourself so it won’t be too difficult to reprogram yourself when you are speaking with Mr Capricorn i.e., be mindful of what you are saying and doing. Let me know how everything is going.

Marnie -  Angella!!!!!! How good to hear from you. I feel bad 4 not getting in touch 4 a long time but my love life came 1st. I was and still am pretty fucked up by it (i was born fucked up 4 sure but i am even more as I write). This so called relationship with the doctor went on since us 2 met but it absorbed most of my time and energies.  Its funny you write now cause we r over. Mainly cause of my insecurities. Again. So your link will do me good I guess. Never mind i cant go on like this anyway…and he’s probably already seeing someon else (i have this feeling and it must be true). I will find some sort of strength somewhere, im sure, im a taurus, im strong. Damn. What the hell! I also never went to Paris, not yet at least. I will certainly remind you when its time…since u were supposed to come with me.. Take care of yourself and keep me posted. I dont have any pics 4 you but next time ill send one. Right now im skinny as fuck, not good..


Angella - Sorry to hear about you guys busting up again. But it’s not over till it’s over and somehow I don’t believe it is. A man always feel really appreciated when he can communicate with a woman like a ‘buddy’. That’s why so many attractive men end up with plain/basic women because these women send a lot of time figuring out what makes a man comfortable and then talk to them like a ‘pal’. Which means you are going to have to share your feelings, what’s going on at work, who is a pain in the ass, how they make you feel etc. But most importantly Capricorn like talking about themselves and their plans… They always have big plans. So find out what he’s into, where he wants to go in his career and listen, listen and offer praise and advise, if needed. They’re GREAT with advise and such things. So ask for some. They also love beautiful clothes, homes, wine et el. I’ll send some more tips. We can SKYPE also.

Marnie - Hola my new beautiful friend! How r things? Thanks 4 your advice. I met him the other nite or better…i met a friend of his who told me he had suddenly decided to get together with this girl he used to kind of see a while ago.

Blood came to my head, i went to where i knew i could find him, i opened up strongly and we went home together. He was very sweet and told me all he wanted was me and not her but i am a bitch and he needs support. Well i tried to explain my reasons that i cant deal easily with emotions etc..and i did not run away in the morning so i guess it went ok for once. I was me, hopefully not too heavy.

Anyways that was thursday. We were supposed to meet on sunday but there was a football match so he said today and today again he asked 4 wednesday, but nicely. He said he was at work. I was like OK lets see. Thats that. I thought i let u know. I feel like an idiot to tell u as we dont know each other that well and its kind of pathetic but im doing it anyway. Now tell me about you. 

Kiss- marnie

Angella - Responding to your e mail brings a smile to my face. Thanks for this wonderful gift as I’m working on smiling and laughing more. It was a pleasure meeting you and listening to the storyyou were telling me because it reminded me so much of myself and the difficulty I had communicating with the men I really, really liked.

I totally messed up a lot of relationships because I was afraid of showing who I really was.I think it was more than that to be honest.  I noticed I had great relationships with my girlfriends and gay friends and that they valued my advise and company. I started paying attention to what I was doing (being mindful) and I realized that I had a knack for sharing my feelings honestly with them. A lot of times they were laughing so hard they practically cried because a lot of what I was saying about myself related to them, their fears, frustrations, dreams, confusions, insecurity and desires and because I was so honest without being too heavy they felt comfortable to express or rather confess their issues to me also. This was very liberating for them (and me) and they didn’t feel so alone because someone was telling their story also and in that way our relationship became stronger with a lot of laughs thrown in.

Last week Tuesday I was at my psychiatrist and I told him about you. I said you were very honest and had a great sense of who you were and was confident and yet not so much when it came along to the man you really liked. It was interesting to  to see someone who had their finger on the pulse of who they are and still not free to express them self to someone they truly feel they have a bond with. Again it reminded me of me and made me realize how wonderful we both are, yet not as aware of this quality as we should. This was amazing to see amazing people not fully getting and ‘owning’ who they truly are. I LOVE that you were courageous to go where you knew he would be and opened up to him. I would have peed myself.

How extraordinary brave of you.. You were willing to face your fears by seeking him out and speaking to him from the heart face to face. And look at that!! He didn’t run, he heard you and also realized you were telling him the things he longed to tell you. He ended up telling you more that you expected from him. I’m sure your head was reeling from his honestly.  We all need support, nurturing, and most importantly a good, honest friend. There is nothing more comforting knowing someone ‘gets’ you and loves/like you for who you really are.

So this e mail is inspiring and lovely. Cool about you allowing yourself to be fearless in the name of love. You had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Even if it hadn’t gone the way it did. You would have won on a personal level because you identified and faced your fears. There is nothing more confusing than not knowing what your fears are because if you don’t know that, how can you face them??

It took me so, so many years tears, loss, confusion and frustration to figure this out. I am so glad I met you and that you expressed all that was happening with you. Probably because I was a ‘stranger’ but we clicked on a personal level. We helped each other in such a short time span. Life is incredible isn’t it?? Just the way you spoke to me is the way you are suppose to speak to him and you did. Relax and TRUST because he is letting you know when he changed the dates with you what’s going on. He just didn’t disappear without keeping you in the loop so this is very positive. Just chill and wait. Be patient. This is unexpected for both of you….. so believe.

All you have to do is keep on being you…more transparent, trust your awesome self and have faith in people. Keep me in the loop and I’m sending you positive vibrations.  I like you my dear (even though) we don’t ‘know’ each other, but we do… deep down. There is nothing pathetic about sharing your feelings with another human being, especially someone who supports you. Sweet dreams and talk later. Hugs, Angella

Marnie – Hi again. Your email made me so happy!!! Its amazing. I wasnt expecting such words and sense. Dont get me wrong, I have already great admiration for you but you took a lot of time for me, writing and using just perfect sentences and this is lovely. While reading you I felt you got me completely and i felt all I need is to believe in myself a bit more…I think we were meant to meet if not to help each other out, at least, to share things. How are you? How was your weekend?

I am in Love now, i believe. From that time that I opened up with him, we are kind of inseparable, in a very sane way. Which is something now 4 me and I cannot believe after longer than a year longing for him, everything changed in less than 2 weeks.

The other girl is still in the picture. I cant be bothered to press him. I just made it clear that I am not happy about it but in a soft way. I dont know what to do. Right now he looks 4 me often and its enough 4 me. Maybe cause i was on my own 4 years ….u get me right?

So will see. Ciao 4 now and keep in touch! Baci

Angella - It’s so true that we need to believe in ourselves more. I’m making a list of my strengths and weaknesses. I’m have to think long and hard about my strengths. 

Nothing could bring me greater joy to know that you and your ‘man’ are an item. I believe that’s AWESOME. How wonderful!!! There is nothing to do about the other girl. You guys are together and he may be saying somethings but his actions prove that he’s into you. So let him say whatever he wants to. It’s most likely a crutch to have around just in case you knock the wind out of him. All is well.  I’m glad I met you because it reminds me how amazing and magical life can be. Best to you my dear. Angella

Marnie - Im writing to u cause i have to ask u smth: when smth goes wrong with a man usually i take it on myself. Everything was going well until i got totally drunk one nite last week (he was with me) and i guess i was off my face and he didnt like it. He still took me home and stayed a bit in the morning but i dont rem much and i feel like shit. Things changed from then on. Is it possible that a man feels that way and so decides u r not worthy and dump u? It is, right? Anyway maybe its all about my insecurities….and nothing bad happened. Who knows?! I wish he got in touch, just to explain…but he would have done it by now, i guess. Im pretty sad.

Have a good weekend Angella and forgive my emails. Im just going a bit mad.


Angella - Interesting and a Bummer but (fixable (maybe). I was going to suggest before receiving this e mail that you approach this relationship like the job you do in Milan and Paris.  I assume a lot of focus and planning goes into aligning everything in place for a specific outcome. We have to have an AGENDA when it comes to relationship because they can be so damn complicated and ego damaging to our fragile personality. This method is very difficult especially for women who are not calculating normally. We treat relationships with not a lot of in-depth thoughts because we are so nervous and befuddled by our attraction we can’t think straight.  We have to (me, you) assume responsibility as the amazing WOMEN we are and own that trait within us instead of acting like scared, not deserving little girls. (I am waiting in the Doctors  office for a blood test so this e mail may be looooong). 

Back to the catalyst for him getting turned off by your drunken dinner episode. You were probably nervous, as usual with him and overdid it even though deep down you most likely knew you should have been paying attention to your booze intake. It obviously got the top position over you and undermined your intention. Not making excuses for you but I totally understand because I have had booze issues myself. My self control and will can be disastrous to say the least under such circumstances. That is why you HAVE to be über mindful and plan each time you have important dates. But these are the way we eventually get it right with foresight, understanding and support from your shrink, friends, yoga and you taking charge of your life. 

This guy most likely is very judgmental. We don’t know how MATURE and compassionate he is. Do you remember your actions? A sophisticated drunken woman can be very off putting, but shit happens to the best of us. Did you address the incident the next day and apologize? Not that it would have made a difference if he is hardcore on how he believes his girlfriend should act at all time.  Give him time and don’t make a move – only speak to him if you did not address your behavior and address all the issues which contributed to the excess drinking. Be prepared to wait………  I feel your frustration and fear of not knowing yet having a vivid inkling that all is not well on the ranch at all. I despise avoidance and non closure because it makes you feel powerless and frightened, not a good place to dwell in.

Hang in and carry on- it- you will get better and stronger. Xxxx

MARNIE -Thanks 4 ur email! Well…i did call him the following day wondering what the hell went on the nite before and he was nice. He said I was okay and said a few stupid things but nothing unusual… He kind of made me feel good. So I thought that was all okay and maybe it is/was…and then something else went on. Maybe he simply realized he was not so much into me…i. Just wonder why he doesnt fucking tell me so..we r also friends and have so many friends in common…he should keep it sweet. I think its over but id love him to explain but he’s most likely a coward. Such a shame. Have a good weekend M

Marnie – Hey..u r not gonna belieeve it but its already over between us. I guess i was maybe giving away my feelings too soon and he might have gotten scared. Who knows. He has been keeping a serious distance since last week and last wedn we went out 4 dinner with friends and he didnt pay attention to me whatsoever. He went home to sleep on his own early and made a point to let me know that the following day a friend from florence (his ex)was coming over and he had to entertain her. All fine but i know he fucks her again from a friend we have in common whom he had spoken about it a little earlier… I am kind of surprised and i cried all my tears already. No point to run after him. I had been warned after all. Anyway maybe its all about my insecurities….and nothing bad happened. Who knows?! I wish he got in touch, just to explain…but he would have done it by now, i guess. Im pretty sad. Have a good weekend Angella and forgive my emails. Im just going a bit mad. Baci! M

Angella Hang in there Marnie  - He’s obviously not all that. Totally unforgiving. Terrible trait. His action reveal that he is rigid. You made one ‘mistake’ and you’re ditched. – Most likely he fucked up a lot and was forgiven numerous times yet he is incapable of doing so to others. His loss and your great escape.. xxx

No Sex Please I’m Otherwise Occupied…With Celibacy.

No Sex Please, I’m Otherwise Occupied…With Celicaby.  by Cecille Swayneson

Celibacy. I saw the word in a tabloid headline today. I had totally forgotten the word existed. Truly. Odd because I stopped counting once I reached the five year mark. There I was living in celibacy and had forgotten the word. I don’t recall consciously making a pact with myself to not have sex.  Nope, I did not. It just happeded. What have I learnt? Time flies by in the blink of an eye and sex and love can almost seem like an after thought. Only after much self reflection am I aware of my unbroken forbearance.

Years ago my friend Victoria Stern had fessed up that she hadn’t had sex in five years. My mouth almost fell to the floor “You’ve got to be kidding me.” I said,” She assured me she was not. Something to do with an ex Greek boyfriend, George, who had truned her off from sex and obviously, men.

After I recovered from the shock, I tried to understand her point of view and did, but I didn’t get the holding off from sex bit. Now I do. Sometimes I wonder at my choice. At present my body is beautiful and I’m in fine form (up to a point). I say to myself, ‘you’ve got a lovely body, what are you waiting on?  Are you going to wait until you’re seventy to finally consider sex? True. I’m not into casual sex. I’ve done that. Of course time waits for no one. Some days I recoil at the duration I’ve withstood. Don’t you want to be caressed? It’s only then, I acknowledge continuous lack of touch and tenderness is a bit abnormal. I don’t mind being alone. I’m constantly surprising myself, never bored. If I were given five wishes, one would be for longer days.

I would reconsider if someone turned me on on many levels, otherwise I’m not interested. I dont’ have the patience for superficiality, game playing, competition, selfishness, and empty excuses for not facing one’s fear. This applies to women friends also. I’m not exempt either as I am busily picking out arrows from my flesh.

No sex without mutual transparant respectful love. And love of sex alone does not count…at the moment (got to leave myself some leeway in case I change my mind)blktopless

Sure, I would adore rolling over into my lover’s arm on a sexy Sunday morning; read the paper in bed, shower together, breakfast, take a trip up and away, Italy or Paris, anywhere but here…alome. But those thoughts are few and far, far away.

I’ve lost it. I’m just not interested, or maybe I’ve given up on love. I could almost cry putting these words down. Maybe I don’t believe in love. Maybe each and everyone of my boyfriends turned me off eventually. One day I woke up to discover I was disapointed in love. Totally disgusted. An alarming thought; to give others so much power; unconsciously making choies based on past experiences?

Then again, I could have a profound need for freedom…which could translate to fear of intimacy. No, I don’t think it’s the intimacy bit that I’m afraid of, I’m frightended out of my wits of being pinned down, someone trying to clip my wings. Have I made up my mind to go the celibacy/loverless route but am not consciously aware that I have? Oh dear God, I hope not; Would be a crying shame.

Come one morning the day will find me ruminating on love, dwelling on love, desiring love. Maybe then, and only then, will the tide turn and the word Celibiacy will be a headline in a tabloid rag.

Until then, time to consider pulling out Byron’s Don Juan Canto ll - lV.

Photo: Noel Sutherland

Secret Remedy #2 For Clean Beautiful Skin

My Secret Remedy #2 for Clean, Beautiful Skin by Cecille Swayneson

I don’t recall how I came up with this concoction for clean, i.e., spot-free beautiful skin. Most likely had to do with an old fashion Jamaican ‘go to remedy’ in the form of Aloe Vera. Actually on Sundays back on the island, my mother filleted aloe vera blended and added to our hair as conditioner. It was also a ‘go to’ if you had skin issues, especially if it were insect inflicted with the likelihood of leaving a scar or if you got burnt to hell by the sun and was covered in ‘prickly heat/bumps.’

At some point I started adding aloe to water if I felt my skin needed a ‘pick me up.’  Just a dash water plus some aloe and chugged it down. Most often I used the aloe in the brown bottle from the health food store. One day my cousin came to visit and her skin was awful, just unsightly, oily and bumpy. I wouldn’t call them pimples because they were huge, swollen painful looking lumps. I’m known for candor and immediately said, “you have to do something about your skin, make an effort to figure out how to rid yourself of those bumps.” I suggested her purchasing a small bottle of aloe vera (to start) at the health food store, take 2 to 3 tablespoons add small amount of water or a small amount of juice, drink—at least twice a day. If and when she came across the fresh aloe vera, fillet the aloe, add to a blender, blend and incorporate with water/juice.

I suggest you try small amount before you adapt this remedy. I obviously don’t have an issue with the plant and neither did my cousin but you never know. What may work for one person, may not work for another. Also I’ve never used aloe vera relentlessly.

Well, what do you know, after a couple of months, my cousin’s skin was flawless. No bumps. dark spots or pimples. She’s never had skin issues again. If you’re at your wit’s end because nothing seem to clear up your pimples. You may consider trying this. Again make sure you are not allergic to aloe.  Aloe latex contains chemicals that may work as a laxative. I’ve never had an issue with this but do your research. Aloe Vera is frequently cited as being used in herbal medicine since the beginning of the first century AD. You’ll be able to gleam from the vast amount of information what is most likely valid.

Below are the series of steps for making  aloe vera portion #2.





tumblr_inline_nrmclsAbrQ1qbq37b_540Aloe Vera Before it’s Filleted.IMG_2869

tumblr_inline_nrmclsAbrQ1qbq37b_540Photo: Cecille Swayneson


A Cup of Masala Chai And a Call To Prayer

 A cup of Masala Chai And A Call To Prayer by Cecille Swayneson

Notice how devoid of people the Taj Mahal is? Check out the picture posted above. Normally it’s jam packed with people, like sardines in a can. I decided to bypass all that raucous noise, bumping and  shoving by getting up while it was still dark outside, stars above dark. Actually the call to prayer woke me up. I stood on my balcony and listened. Nearly drove me out of my mind how beautiful it was. I had never heard it before and never again like I did in Agra; hauntingly beautiful, pierces through your soul and goes somewhere you’ve never been before yet so very familiar. I read somewhere Liam Neeson having the same experience. I’m telling you no one is exempt especially if you are plugged into to your feelings.Nuova immagine I went downstairs to greet my driver, I could see him walking up the empty street toward the hotel. I had told him to meet me in the lobby at 5AM. A bit early but he had left us stranded at our hotel, The Maidens Hotel in New Delhi the day before and refused to answer his cell phone. Instead of picking us up at 10:30am he showed up at 4PM. Hence the ridiculously early call time which ended up working out in our favor big time. I went downstairs to greet him. There was a tea vendor on the street corner who made the most delicious  Masala Chai I have ever had. His pots and pans were worn, battered to hell and he threw all sorts of exotic spices in the steamy pot adding black Assam tea leaves, grating ginger on top and like a magic ritual, conjured up the most indelible delicious tea ever against the black backdrop of darkness before light.

When we arrived at the Taj, we parked the car back in the lot and made our way to the entrance, there is a bit of a ritual to get into the place and outside the entrance is littered with scam artist, beggars and people on the make. Mostly men,very  persistent. The only way I was able to get rid of them was to raise my voice in a very stern dismissive manner, using not many words. They instantly backed away, attempting to pacify me and apologizing as they pulled back, they’re not accustomed to women being firm so they were taken aback and stepped right into place, leaving us alone.

I have three indelible memories and it’s not about Agra being the armpit of India yet housing the profound beauty of the Taj Mahal, (what a paradox ) which I won’t attempt to describe, 2) the heart achingly beautiful rendition of the call to prayer by a gifted muezzin and 3) the best masala chai ever. My adventure in India had began.

Misery For Parents Who Insist On Being Friends With Their Children (Discipline Without Shame):

My darling friend Janet Lansbury – Elevating Child Care, wrote the book, No Bad Kids:Toddler Discipline Without Shame, which I am a staunch supporter of because it’s on point! Flawless. Use this method and you’ll never regret making a wrong turn. Back then, I taught PreK in a Montessori school in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, the class population was 98% Polish and the children were out of this world, amazing and wise beyond our wildest imagination. There were a few kids who had ‘issues’ – I was a dedicated teacher who respected and loved the children so whenever I felt a mother would benefit from Janet’s words of wisdom I gave them copies of Toddler Discipline Without Shame before Janet decided to share her many years of observation and guidance into this book.IMG_6112

I had read an article on Janet’s blog Janet LansburyElevating Child Care one day and almost jumped out of my skin because I knew inherently she was spot on. Her strategy rang true. Clear as day. What I kinda, sorta knew, but didn’t have the clarity to expedite she summed up simply, concisely; how to discipline without shame. Excitedly I rang her, “Janet! this article is amazing, beyond! I would love to make copies to give to every mother and friend who I feel would benefit from your words of wisdom.” She instantly said yes, touched that I was ‘off the chart’ excited by her research and point of view. I immediately made copies which I kept in a closet at school; whenever the opportunity arose, I handed out copies to mothers who always thanked me profusely. The mothers knew my suggestion came from a place of pure unsullied love, intelligence and respect for the magic within each child.superthumb

I have to let you in on a secret, these methods not only work for toddlers but it’s ageless proof – meaning it works for lovers, school age, college students, miserable rotten coworkers, husbands, siblings, dogs: no one is exempt.

I remember once I had a little girl who wanted to sit in my lap whist I was with a group of children, intuitively I knew something was off. I mentioned the situation to Janet and she said, she wants to see what she can get away with, kinda of a power play. Explain to her calmly that you are not a sofa and we don’t do that here.” Well what do you know? I did exactly as she said and the child never made those moves again. Children crave boundaries which represent love, support, guidance and respect.  IMG_4188

I could go on and on about how incredible NO BAD KIDS: Toddler Discipline Without Shame: http://amzn.to/1pXgx2e is, but I am going to trust that you will check this book out, and pass it on to anyone you think will appreciate these tried and true words of wisdom. I will be back as there is much to share from observing pitfalls into unfathomable depth of misery by parents who insist on being friends with their children . A child need guidance by someone who is able to see the long term impact bad choices behoove. All a child need is a loving wise parent, not a friend…and No BAD KIDS Toddler Discipline Without Shame: http://amzn.to/1pXgx2e

Janet Lansbury - Elevating Child Care's photo.

More in NO BAD KIDS: Toddler Discipline Without Shame: http://amzn.to/1pXgx2e

Photos: Cecille

Who Are Your Role Models?

Misty Copeland have so much heart. She has the gift of inspiring others. We can all use a little spiritual inspiration some times and this article came in the nick of time as I feeling a bit crappy and  had to remind myself not give into my emotions.  I started losing doubting iin myself; lost my drive or spark and was about to lose my will too, but thank God I pulled back just in time to see what needed to be done and systematically do them. I couldn’t help but wonder if I ‘liked’ chaos, or prone to view disorder as a ‘normality’. If so, I have work to do. Hallelujah. Anyhow I thought you might enjoy this post which I came across written by on a site by the name of, A Cup Of Jo.’ Who Are Your Role Models? http://cupofjo.com/2015/07/misty-copeland-role-model/


Black, Chic and Cool On a Hot Summer’s Day

Going to a fancy summer party and want to celebrate your uniqueness without looking like a fashion cookie cutter victim? How about a heart stopping billowing vintage trouser paired with transparent sleeveless top. To stamp your indelible style to the brew, add brushed gold birkenstock, some fabulous dramatic jewellry and you’re chic and cool on a hot summer’s day. Kathleen_Black pants6 copyKathleen7610Trouser & Top: Vintage Givenchy  – Photographer: Donna DeMari - Jewerlly: Carolyn Rodney - Styling and Grooming: Cecille

Rock on to Glastonbury Music Festival

Rock on the Glastonbury Music Festival by Cecille Swayneson

Glastonbury used to be about music – now it appears to be more about being seen in whatever wild and crazy outfit which will get you noticed i.e. photographed. I’ve put together some looks which are in sync with a Jazz, Rock/Angelic riff  instead of the ‘flowers in your hair’ - beads around the neck Boho mishmash trend. Read on and march to your own beat.

999Ghislaine Mutombo @ Glastonbury  – The Guardian

A Christian Dior kekrchief on her head, black leaves from a 99cent store and a black worn in strapless satin ball gown.

That’s the “Don’t try to suss me out, I’m just doing my thing’ look.  A Christian Dior kerchief tied around head, black leaves from a 99cent store and a black worn in strapless satin ball gown.

Rock on to GlastonburyDIANA7-020722 The hallucinogenic collective thing have been done to death, and ‘horrors of horrors’ we can’t have you looking like everyone else on the marshy fields of Glastonbury. That my dears, is a definite ‘No No. So…if you’re considering attending Glastonbury, try one of these looks  and add your touch. We don’t want you looking as if the clothes is wearing you. Rock on.

Short black D&G slip Superga wellingtons Nylon Horse Blinkers

Short black D&G slip
Superga wellingtons
Nylon Fly Blinkers

Remember this is the UK’s biggest music festival and you’ve got to be true to yourself and look sensational in a throw away manner.

Rock on to Glasonbury

Claudia_9981I found this Turnbull & Asser white tuxedo shirt at the 26 Street flea market in New York City. The fabric is made of the finest cotton, extremely delicate yet durable. The jeans are by Ferre. The faux fur vest I picked up in a vintage shop on LaBrea Ave, L.A. The hat from a costume shop. I’m selling the jeans, if you’re interested, let me know.

Photo: Donna DeMari        Styling & Make-up: Cecille S.

Cool Cream Alberta Ferretti Blouse – A Must Have

It seems as if some young women believe the surest way to make a statement is to be half dressed. Boobs displayed as if on a platter, almost forcing your eyes to look elsewhere.  Discretion goes a long way lady, such as this cool cream Alberta Ferretti blouse. A thing of beauty, an essential for a woman’s closet. This shirt possesses the capacity to transform the most banal outfit into a head turner and boost one’s confidence in a self contained  manner. Truly a blouse that signifies beauty. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been stuck on what to wear to an event and this blouse always came to the rescue. I’ve worn it with beautiful black trousers, simple skirts and matched it with a navy swing vintage Dior jacket. Refreshing and elegant. An exemplification of what women’s fashion can be. Staying power, timeless. A true classic. Remember this is one significant staple to have in your closet, a beautifully made blouse. Trust me It will make you feel like a million bucks. Start searching for your classic shirt now.

Vanessa Michels1-875 Vanessa Michels1-900