Yellow-Eye Catching Clothes And Things

Yellow is a colour most people don’t gravitate toward in terms of clothing. But it can be quite refreshing and a welcome addition, adding a ray of sunshine and  eye catching flavor to one’s appearance. Remember to be mindful of tone against skin which can be complimentary for some or not. For those whose facial tone isn’t partial to yellow, focus on skirts and trousers paired with a flattering colour.

While I was putting together the ‘Heidi’outfit. I thought, ‘What the hell, why not go all out.’As you can see below I did just that, adding a custom-made ruffle blouse to the unusual and stunning vintage skirt.Kathleen7219 copyMarni dress
IMG_0789 IMG_0795_2Vintage paisley skirt and greestarfish tee with Sigerson Morrison sandalsdianaintuliptopIndian wheelIMG_1802Girl In Yellow TurbanIMG_4035Bella Lula Orangeade DrinkIMG_2094Jewellry ShopperyyyyyyySardiniaElayne 632Musing by Temple DoorIMG_1911Yellow by Coldplay


The Best Natural Skin Radiance Secret.

The Best Natural Skin Radiance Secret by Cecille Swayneson

IMG_4806‘Your skin is amazing’ my mother said in amazement. I instantly brightened. My mother was not the most verbal or demonstrative when it came to giving compliments, so of course, I was thrilled to hear words of appreciation. ‘Oh wow! Thanks Mom, you are the one who turned me on to the best natural skin radiance secret…carrot juice, I responded.

I remembered the second time someone commented on my skin. I was completely taken aback by the young boy who had issued the compliment; his tone of voice and facial expression were priceless. Also, his choice of words struck a cord within me. He said, ‘Lady, your skin is sooo clean.’ Clean was the operative word. An unusual term for a young boy to use to describe one’s skin. ‘Thank you, I said, compliments of  carrot juice.’IMG_4815

Why Carrots Are The Mother Ship: Carrots are a super duper high source of vitamin A, providing  180% or thereabouts of your daily requirement in one med/large carrot. They are packed with beta-carotene (an antioxidant) that converts to vitamin A within your body, which helps to repair skin tissue and slows the cells aging process. One glass of carrot and a cup of coffee can hastily and powerfully eliminate waste, so be careful you give yourself ample time to enjoy your juice and coffee before dashing out the door for work or there could be serious consequences.

I don’t profess to drink carrot juice every day or monthly for that matter. I go through what I call phases: Sometimes I feel the need to drink carrots anywhere from a week to a month or a few months. Recently I started up again. The mere fact that you are drinking a 12oz  glass filled with carrots, ginger, apple and cucumber automatically fills you with a sense well-being and gratitude. It’s incredible that finding time to make a concoction of juice can be positively far reaching. Almost immediately after ingesting the juice  (well, I can only speak for myself), I feel,’ Wow! my body loves this’, because the serge of well being is apparent, a recognition that energy have shifted in an appreciative manner.  My theory… anything which makes you feel better and is good for you is a keeper. Also this is one of the best if not the best skin care regime ever. Picture of my skin on carrot juice below.IMG_4775

A professional facial can never, ever give you the natural moist, luminous glow a couple glasses of carrot juice is capable of achieving. Never. The last time I had a professional facial was in 2004; Case in point, natural is the real thing.

Photos: Cecille Swayneson

Perfect Summer Salad

This is a perfect summer salad, especially if you’re trying to avoid process foods. You don’t need specific measurements, just the ingredients which are as follows: Chopped Tuscan kale, snap peas, cucumber and avocado. Toasted raw sunflower seeds, chai seeds and pine nuts. Dressing: fresh lemon, olive oil, black truffle oil. Garnish with  one or two teaspoon of Flax seed oil. Don’t go too crazy with the nuts and oils, moderation is the operative word. Out of this world delicious. Enjoy. DSC_0504Photo: Cecille

Pulsating Vibrant Napoli

Lounging against the night blackdrop of one of my favorite, madcap cities, Naples, Italy. The first time I visited Naples, I wondered how my friend, Alsessandra could possibly choose to live in sleepy Florence instead of pulsating, vibrant Napoli. The energy of the city tumbled everywhere like a sloppily rolled burrito. In time I discovered daily warnings; ‘keep possessions out of sight as much as possible.’ Never a problem. I’ve always enjoyed myself in this historical port town.

Elayne 1385Elayne 1377Elayne 1251Artistic subway station in Napoli, ItalyElayne 1383.

Yes, brown does tan. Awesome Bronze Mediterranean  tan.Elayne 1181

Jacket: Bella Freud – Top: Helmut Lang Halter -Bag: Moschino  – Flower Hair Clip: H&M

Baby Found…Aided by Guardian Angel

Below is the embroidered pillow I unwittingly bought whilst in Spain not knowing the pillow was earmarked for the then unborn, precious Alexandre Elliot Soures. My assignment: allow self to be led unknowingly to ‘magic’ pillow and bring back to America-then…find the once and future deserving infant; (truth be told) difficult task seeing my friends were all without babiesIMG_7227C. Below, the rightful owner lounging soulfully with his guardian angel pillow.

photo 1

This is such a jolly picture, I had to add. Alexander reserves his charismatic poses for his sheep chair. For whatever his reasons, he becomes a performer whenever he’s in this chair.

Rock On To Glastonbury Festival

If you’re considering attending Glastonbury, make sure you’ve got your ‘hippie look down pat; after all this is the UK’s biggest music festival and you’ve got to look sensational in a throw away manner. I’ve put together a look highlighting the appropriate manner of unconcerned attitude with some rock and roll flair thrown in. Rock on!Claudia_9990 Claudia_9981I found this Turnball & Asser tuxedo shirt at the 26 Street flea market in New York City. The fabric is made of the finest cotton, extremely delicate yet durable. The jeans are by Ferre. The faux fur vest I picked up in a vintage shop on LaBrea Ave, L.A. The hat from a costume shop. I’m selling the jeans, if you’re interested, let me know. Thanks.

Photo: Donna DeMari        Styling & Make-up: Cecille


The Film Festival That Could.

Mahen Bonetti was in a hotel room in Geneva one Christmas holiday nearly two decades ago. The television set was on in the background when the realization dawned on her that the  media’s depiction of the African continent never varied, predictable gloom and doom represented by images of war, death, famine and diseases. Her thoughts instantly flashed to her daughter who was then a toddler. There was no way she could leave this world without insuring that her daughter was aware of the diversity and creative ingenuity of the Continent’s artist.  Her choice for visibility and diversity was through the power of cinema, and so the African Film Festival (NYAFF) was born.IMG_4462 IMG_4442

The African Film Festival is one of the most exciting film festival in New York City. Without great fanfare, the filmmakers create some of the most compelling cinema using an ancient and universal method…the art of story telling. And what glorious stories they have to tell!

The festival opens this week May 7th at Lincoln Center. The upcoming roster, is impressive. The festival opens with Kenneth Gyang, Confusion Na Wa, followed by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie acclaimed book, Half of a Yellow Sun adapted by Biyi Bandele, , Med Hondo, Sarraounia. The diversity of talent is awesome. Check out the series itinerary.

The NYAFF is co-presented with the Film Society of Lincoln Center. NYAFF screenings will take place at the Walter Reade Theater. Tickets are available on line. Run don’t walk. IMG_4333Below is a photo of the formidable, lovely, funny and ‘mountain mover,’ Mahen Bontetti who cold called Lincoln Center many moons ago to propose a vision;  they listened and said Yes.

IMG_4397IMG_4410 IMG_4444 IMG_4421 IMG_4440 IMG_4413 IMG_4437